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ATTENTION: FREE Online Selling Crash Course
How To Finally Start Selling Products Online Using a Simple 2-Page funnel...
Without Complicated Tools
or Any writing ability
If you are an entrepreneur or Business Owner And
you don't have a Funnel that converts Visitors Into Subscribers and Customers...
Then You Need This FREE Funnel training program That Works
No Matter Your experience or ability
Here's Just a Fraction Of What You'll Discover Inside...
21 Niche Possibilities From a "Fun Day" Thought Experiment -  How To find Your Ideal Niche Markets With a 60 Second Test Based on your Unique personality... it's impossible to do wrong!
Confusion To Simplicity-  How To make Your Funnel Components all work together easily without being a technical wizard
Sell With Ease - How to persuade people to take the actions you want without eVER being a "sales-y Creep"
BONUS - The 100% No-Work Method to getting all the sales copy you could ever need (AND Exactly Where to Find It)
Sell Online Crash Course
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"Shawn, Who The Heck Are You?"
I'm Shawn Bayley...

I build sales funnels and write that sweet sales copy...

I sure didn't start that way...

It took me months to get my funnel up and running properly....

And even longer to make actual money with a sales funnel... but it finally did!

And I want To Show You How To Start Selling Online....

Even If You Have Never Sold Anything Before...

...AND You Don't have anything to sell!
"So, why give this for free?
What's the 'catch'?"
There's a LOT of Pieces Involved when it comes to selling products or services online

not everyone can afford to pay me to help them launch a funnel.

i thought it would be cool and good karma to teach people how easy it is to Launch Their Own Business Selling Products and Services online...

i hope you enjoy this... And I've Broken it into bite Sized Chunks So You don't have to worry about information overload while you soak up Your new funnel knowledge
What You're Gonna Get...
The FREE Selling Online Training
You'll get Access to Part 1 Immediately... Then I'll Send You Email Links To Part 2 and 3 In case Fate Tries to get between us
($297 Value)
Cool Worksheets For You
You'll Get Some FREE Worksheets You Can print and fill out as we go through the course so you can put your ideas and flashes of brilliance down on paper.
($197 Value)
Expert Training
You'll learn from a certified marketing expert and copywriter who hAS sold products and services online. Yes.... I've sold thousands of dollars worth of products and services online so you can know you are getting the 'real deal' and not some fake 'guru'
($97 Value)
Total Value: $691
Public: $297 Now: FREE
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Just To Recap...
P.S.  Just in case you're like me and you like to skip to the end...

Here's the deal:

If you are a true action taker and you know that selling products and services online is obviously a BILLION dollar industry and you are ready to be a part of it...

No catch... no gimmicks... no shenanigans...

No signing up for a "trial product" or a "small fee"... NADA!

This is TOTALLY me giving back to world because I know what it's like to be just a few steps away from taking the journey into selling products online and seeing sales and commissions coming in.

It's real.

It's happened for me and I've found the answers.

And I'm going to share it with action takers.

So, Click the button below to get your FREE account now.

You won't regret it.
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