Funnel Wizard routinely gets DOUBLE DIGIT Conversion Rates…
and charges THOUSANDS to his Private Clients, invites you to discover how…”
You're Just 60 Days From 
Your High Converting
Sales Funnel
“My 'BUYER I.D. Funnel' Sells Information Products On Autopilot...
And my consulting Funnel Pre-Selects NEW IDEAL clients every Single time...
Now, it’s YOUR turn to put these funnels to work!”
From: Shawn Bayley
The Sales Funnel Nerd
Once upon a time I was a new husband trying to start a web-based business and make money online. 

The biggest problem was not knowing where to start without gambling my family's precious money.

There’s was just so much to choose from out there and I had natural questions like:

     *  Do I need a product to sell? 
     *  If so, how do I make that product? 
     *  How do I know what people are in the market for? 

I just wanted to create a business online. 

It didn’t have to be millions...
An extra $1,000 a month would be life-changing...
But instead, most days I had to look my wife in the eyes and get that skeptical look...

As I had wasted more time and more money.

It was especially humiliating when an unexpected bill would suddenly appear...

There almost wasn't enough money to take care of things because I had spent most of our "cushion" on something expensive that was supposed to be the jackpot for us. 

Instead of explaining how my business was supposed to work...

And showing off profit reports each week...

I had to be pissed-off as the days and months went by with LITTLE to NO progress made.

It was eating away at my insides because I couldn't climb out of the bucket of living day-to-day in a dead end job...

Grinding away day after day with no feeling of security or financial freedom in sight.

And to top it all off, I was bombarded with emails everyday, showing other people allegedly making millions of dollars while doing nothing.

I was truly on the verge of throwing in the towel and giving up...

Saying "sayonara" to my dream of having my own online business.
Then, As If By Chance,
Something Life-Changing Happened…
A "routine" visit to the doctor turned into a life and death struggle for my wife.

You see, we would've NEVER known about the cancerous tumor on her lung...

If the x-ray technician hadn’t casually mentioned that she noticed something… 


It was only because of a loose-lipped x-ray tech that we followed through with more tests. 

Ultimately we decided to have surgery and remove most of her left lung.

I am both VERY THANKFUL and GREATLY PLEASED to say the operation was a SUCCESS and the tumor was removed!
My wife never considered giving up... so I felt mighty foolish for thinking about giving up on my business dreams.

In a zen-like moment, it became crystal clear to me that I was going to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck in a quiet desperation.

If I truly desired to be my own boss and make at least enough money for my family to comfortably live on, (and ideally so much more than that)...

I just had to look around and

Find someone or something successful, and model what they do

So, that’s how I found Leadpages.

I thought to myself, "why not model a company like Leadpages?" 

They've had so many major accomplishments, like:
  • Going from ZERO to 15,000+ Customers in the first 12 Months
  • Growing an email list of 150,000+ audience members
  • 46,000+ PAYING monthly Customers since starting in 2013
  • Piling up a heaping $38 MILLION in venture capital!
And after learning all the Insider Information about the BEST tactics and Conversion STRATEGIES...

I created my own Sales Funnels to bring in Consulting Clients who needed help with their business, because I needed money, FAST!
“How Would an Extra $1,900 per Month
Change YOUR Life?”
Those numbers were from clients who were thrilled to pay!

But first, potential clients had to jump through a few hoops to show they were serious and wouldn’t waste my time.

After that, I created Sales Funnels to sell Information Products. 

And that worked EVEN BETTER because it was HANDS-OFF, as you will see.

So that's why I'm so excited to share this with you...

Experiencing online success makes all the effort you put in... VERY WORTHWHILE!  

Here’s why this is good for you…  

I took my Certification with Leadpages because they know a thing or two about generating potential customers online and turning those leads into paying customers. 

In fact, Leadpages Customers generate 3 Million NEW Leads each month...
I’ve Learned All Their Secrets...
And I’m Ready To Spill The Beans!
They say building an Online Business is tough.

Yet I've created several money-making Sales Funnels that run 100% hands-off using just a couple of tools… 

And I’m going to show you how it’s done!

By now you are probably wondering why I would share such a valuable, life-changing secret.

You see…

I've noticed one of the first things people do, after they decide to "take a shot" at making money online, is to slap together a website.

But these Entrepreneurs soon find out there's a lot of technical terms and moving parts in the online world...

And they get overwhelmed.

And it's NOT their fault:

In large part, it's got nothing to do with their effort...

Instead, it's all the crappy info and a flood of inadequate products being released every single day.

The stuff being sold doesn’t “walk-the-walk” ... it’s just a bunch of useless noise that in the end, doesn't deliver.

You have probably seen those “clickbait” offers that are nothing more than long blog posts with incomplete information.
How To Know If This Right For You
If you meet the 3 qualifications below, then I GUARANTEE this is right for you!
  •  You TRULY desire to build a better life for yourself and your family… More money, more freedom, more quality time.
  •  You aren’t afraid of dedicating 10 minutes a day towards success and a few hours a week (especially if those extra hours equal EXTRAORDINARY results)!
  •  You know the only way to make your dreams come to life is to TAKE ACTION on them, and NOT QUIT until you’ve achieved them.
In short, this is for you if:

     *  You want a "Straight Shooter" to provide you with the right guidance t
hat will motivate you to ACTUALLY follow through.

     *  You'd like to see what tools you need and how to use them effectively

     *  You want a strategy that gives you the UPPER HAND using Sales Funnels.

If the above list describes you, then it’s in your BEST interest to keep reading… 
What Do "Autopilot Sales" Look Like?
Here’s a how the automation of a Sales Funnel works from the "inside".

Imagine this is your typical day...

Step 1:  You see a NEW LEAD entered into your Sales Funnel.
Step 2Your pre-written emails AUTOMATICALLY go out and ENTICE your New Lead. 
Step 3Your New Lead ENGAGES (clicks on your link) and BUYS your awesome product… becoming a CUSTOMER
Then you just RINSE AND REPEAT!

IMAGINE a future where you’ve got your own money-making website.

When you can log in each day...
See new subscribers...
See new sales conversions...

Without getting ripped-off using obsolete tools along the way.

IMAGINE how great it will feel when you've got your own automated process... 

IMAGINE showing off the emails from your payment processor because you made another sale!


IMAGINE the feeling of certainty, knowing you can take care of any unexpected bills with ease!

In just 60 days...

You will see, simple Money-Making Sales Funnels that are easily duplicated...

To sell YOUR products and lockdown PAYING clients!

That's the GREAT thing about Sales Funnels!
The Trouble With ‘Traditional’ Websites
Here's the ONLY REASON you should have a website:

To scoop up the contact information from FREE traffic.

Once you have their information, you can...

Identify the BUYERS!

But DON'T spend a dime sending traffic to your website...

Not unless you have a “BUYER I.D. Funnel"...

This is YOUR Sales Funnel that's designed to weed out the Buyers who happen to be mixed in with the "tire-kickers" and "freebie-seekers".

You can help these people by giving them a solution right off the the form of an IMMEDIATE OFFER...

Here are some sales from a “BUYER I.D. Funnel” with ZERO Ad spend.
You'll see more about the “BUYER I.D. Funnel” in a moment.

But first, you should know ONE IMPORTANT DETAIL… 

There is ZERO technical ability required

That’s because, to create those Sales from the "BUYER I.D. Funnel", you will be using
Money-Making Tools So Simple
A Child Could Use Them
In fact… I can say to you: 

"Give me 5 Minutes and I’ll Give You a Sales Funnel"

I'd like you to kickback and relax while I reveal the Sales Funnels I use to achieve everything you've seen here...

And how EASY it will be for you as well!

With TODAY'S technology you DON'T have to worry about:
  •   How to construct the framework of a Sales Funnel
  •  Spending a fortune on expensive and complicated tools, (more on that in a minute)
  •  Not knowing where to start without throwing away a bunch of money
  •  Not knowing which tools to use because of all the B.S. hype about the latest hack, or push button solution
If you can watch a video... you can have a Sales Funnel.

If you can follow along and click a mouse... you can have a Sales Funnel.

EVEN IF you don’t have your own product to sell yet!

Truth be told…

That’s how I made my FIRST DOLLAR online.

It involved using one of those “BUYER I.D. Funnels”.

IMAGINE getting paid just for putting a button below a video...

Pretty simple, right?

And that’s because Sales Funnels let you… 
Succeed By Leveraging Other Proven Products
There are THOUSANDS of products already selling profitably online.

That means you don’t have to come up with a product in order to get started!

You'll see how EASY it is to LEVERAGE existing products that are selling inside MILLION DOLLAR Sales Funnels.

You could be part of those funnels that are cranking out customers... EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The BEST part, is that you will discover...
The Easy Way To Sell...
Feeling Like A Used Car Salesman
There is a RIGHT WAY and a WRONG WAY to promote and sell products...

And EVEN IF you have NO Marketing or Sales Experience... the RIGHT WAY is just around the corner!

I’ve spent THOUSANDS on expensive copywriters in the past, but you will be spared those costs...

You see, there are simple but psychologically POWERFUL FORMULAS that promote products with ease... 

EVEN IF you suck at writing!

In fact you’ll learn.. .
The "Non-Writers" Secret To
Persuasive Marketing
How to HARNESS Powerful Marketing Material... EVEN IF You Think You Can't Write!

Everything you need to know is AVAILABLE IF: 
  •  You want wake up and see that you have made sales (AGAIN)
  •  You want access to fill-in-the-blank, battle-tested formulas to make marketing a snap
  •  You want to be armed with LOTS of quick and easy ways to make sales and commissions
  •  You'd rather "skip-the-bill" on an expensive copywriter
And that’s because these pre-made MARKETING GEMS are waiting for you… if you know where to look.

It DOESN'T get any EASIER than this...
I CAN'T WAIT to show you these "hidden goldmines" of Pre-Written Sales and Marketing Material...

I'm talking about YOU getting a Personal Coaching Experience with
Expert-Level Guidance... 
For The First Time EVER:
You Will Have Access to This Master's
ENTIRE Bag of Money-Making Sales Funnel Tricks 
So now it’s your turn!

I want to give you the Proven Secrets I have used to Identify BUYERS, Build a Growing Email List, and Collect THOUSANDS of dollars from Private Clients.

And all of it has been done from the kitchen table in my underwear, (that's only half true)

Not too long ago, I slaved away for weeks on end putting EVERYTHING I KNOW about  Making Money on the Internet...

Into what I consider, the VERY BEST source of information on how
Sales Funnels are used to EXPLODE the PROFITS of YOUR online

It’s called: 
And Here's Just Some of What You'll Discover...
  •  How to transform your website into a launch pad for your Sales Funnels
  •  The often-overlooked method that will have you looking like a professional with your website
  •  How to register your domain and get your website hosted Quickly and Easily, (you'll even see the INSANELY valuable tool that lets you find high quality domain names that are still available) 
  •  The truth about WordPress and how it works with your website. 
  •  With the click of a mouse... your WordPress theme is customized... no sweat! (You'll discover how to do a trial-run so you can preview a new theme without committing to it)
  •  The #1 EASIEST WAY to create user-friendly web links. (This little-known tool generates custom website links that are SIMPLE for Potential Customers to remember and share around
  •  The surest way you'll EVER find to install plugins into WordPress
  •  An INGENIOUS STRATEGY for configuring your website. (Do THIS if you want to get maximum engagement and kick-start your list building)
  •  A shockingly simple way to humanize your website and build trust with your website visitors
  •  How to build your Sales Funnel using the same website builders that the pros use and how to get started for FREE
  •  The RIGHT WAY to setup your sales funnel automation. (Use automated messages to turn leads into customers)
  •  The SURPRISING REASON you should send custom messages to your audience if you want to make EVEN MORE Sales
  •  Which email automation software is FREE to start using TODAY
    (Don't spend a penny on tools until you see this first!)
  •  Insider SECRETS about the FREE tools that create POWERFUL visual content
  •  The ONLY type of Video Creation Software you should use. (Nothing comes close to this brilliant All-In-One product that lets you edit and make professional videos with ZERO hassle)
  •  The Secret Weapon that EVERY Entrepreneur or Business Owner NEEDS... and where to find it
You Will Also Discover...
  •  A SIMPLE Technique to create irresistible bait. (This works like a charm to attract the right people... and repel the wrong ones)
  •  The FOOLPROOF way to create Video Lead Magnets and put them to work for you. (You'll discover how to configure your privacy levels for your Video Lead Magnets... AND how to embed your videos onto your blog or website)
  •  The DIRTY LITTLE SECRET about the most popular type of Lead Magnets... you will freak out when you see how simple it is to crank out lead magnets using simple tools
  •  A SIMPLE way of mapping out an idea and turning it into POWERFUL Lead Magnets
  •  The single most IMPORTANT thing you MUST know about affiliate links... ESPECIALLY if you want to GET PAID just for giving your Lead Magnet away!
  •  The SHOCKING reason why starting with video creation lets you MULTIPLY your Lead Magnet content by 2x, 3x or even 4x times!
  •  Quick and Easy ways to create full-blown information products. (Why using these TWO POWERFUL formulas will have people salivating to get their hands on your next offer)
  •  The CRAZY SIMPLE way to plan out your next information product using a only a pen and paper. (WARNING: this method may be simple but it's used by million-dollar marketers to consistently create winning products that sell like crazy
You Get Access To...
  •  The Email AutoResponder that is FREE FOREVER!
  •  The A-B-C Formula to SUCCEED with email marketing... for LESS than the cost of 4 Iced Coffee's per month
  •  The Step-by-Step Recipe that captures your Visitor's important information... so your email automation can follow up and CONVERT them into New Customers
  •  The correct way to send email broadcasts and how to schedule them so they AREN'T ignored
  •  A method most would think is CHEATING... Using pre-written emails to get your campaigns up and running in a FRACTION of the time (Don't write a single word until you see this first!)
  •  The TRUTH about generating high quality subscribers (that most Experts don't talk about) and how to grow your email list FAST...
  •  Why you NEED to include pictures in your emails... and where to put them for BEST results
  •  The 3 MAGIC WORDS that keeps your emails on-track and forces them to stay "attention-grabbing" so your subscribers TAKE ACTION
  •  Why almost EVERY expert is WRONG about hitting your reader's emotional "hot-buttons". (You'll see how to craft your messages so every one of them becomes a "must-read")
  •  The SIMPLE facts about creating email lists so your Leads and Buyers are kept separate... market to each one accordingly
  •  The SECRET to creating different segments inside your lists. (This wickedly effective technique will keep you organized and sane)
  •  The REAL DEAL about Inevitable Refunds and how to REDUCE them. (HINT: This involves a well crafted email sequence for buyers)
  •  Why most buyers NEVER take the wrapper off your product and the one almost "magic" way to get people to consume your product
  •  The Expert Method that makes the difference between luke-warm testimonials... and Raving Reviews. (Coax people into buying by slaying any doubt in their mind
You Will See...
  • How to build Funnels (Setup and customize the layout of your your Landing Pages IN MINUTES so you are ready to bring in hot, new Leads)
  •  How to setup the email form on your landing page to ensure proper integration
  •  What to do when you only have 3 SECONDS to get your visitor's attention. (Create a headline that stops your reader in their tracks)
  •  The ONLY type of Headline you should use. (SWIPE this fill-in-the-blank formula and use it IMMEDIATELY)
  •  The perfectly legal method that sends you FREE, UNLIMITED Headline Formulas from companies that have spent MILLIONS on marketing and testing
  •  The Fail-Safe Method that AUTOMATICALLY delivers your Lead Magnet to your new email subscribers
  •  The RIGHT WAY to integrate your Sales Funnel tools with only a few clicks so that everything "just works"
  •  Why most Funnels are DESIGNED WRONG and opportunity is squandered... AND the unfair advantage you can use to send FREE traffic to your Funnel
  •  Why you NEED to provide an Immediate Offer to your new Leads... and HOW TO DO IT if you don't have a product to sell
  •  A SIMPLE FACT about finding the "Killer" products to promote so you can make affiliate sales and commissions
  •  Do this ONE THING to your Funnel to IMMEDIATELY start selling your own products
  •  How to promote your HIGH TICKET Products and Presentations using your Buyer I.D. Funnel
  •  A Tried and Tested Method to properly survey your audience to find out what needs aren't being met. (Creating products is DROP-DEAD SIMPLE when your audience TELLS YOU what they want you to make)
  •  An Ingenious Strategy to CUSTOMIZE your survey so people CAN'T RESIST filling them out. (You'll see how to appeal to the intense emotions your subscriber is feeling each day)
You'll Get An Inside Look At...
  • The RIGHT WAY to structure your funnel for MAXIMUM PROFIT. (Doing it THIS WAY is the difference between making 2x, 3x or 6x profits)
  •  Examples of my own money-making sales pages, how I created them lightning-fast, and how YOU can do the same.
  •  How to OPTIMIZE your sales page (delay is the death of the sale)
  •  How to create a Sales Page with just a few clicks. And that includes all the profitable pieces like Upsells, Downsells and Order Forms
  •  What do if you want to mail out a physical product or Lead Magnet and how to avoid doing it the hard way.
  •  The single MOST IMPORTANT thing you MUST KNOW about your order summary page... Use it like a springboard to propel your customer into MORE FUNNELS
  •  Why you NEED to have an Order Bump in your Sales Funnel. SPOILER: The cold, hard numbers behind these Impulse Purchases and how they immediately DOUBLE or TRIPLE how much your customer spends...
  •  Why your Main Product IS NOT your Irresistible Offer and the 6 Elements that EVERY Irresistible Offer MUST contain if you want it to SELL like crazy
  • How to ETHICALLY add Scarcity to your digital products so people "on the fence" TAKE ACTION right away and "Seal the Deal"
  •  How your guarantee should put the buyer at ease and remove all stress from investing in your offer... HINT: You can just copy my ultra-simple "10x Guarantee" method
  •  The FOOLPROOF way to handle refunds like a pro to increase goodwill and karma... as well as the SURPRISING reason you SHOULDN'T always give someone a refund.
  •  The 3 things you absolutely MUST KNOW about delivering your Digital Products to ensure problem-free sales and Happy Customers EVERY TIME
  •  The SURE-FIRE way to get Top-Tier Testimonials that act like massive social proof because of THESE explicit details that make all the difference
  •  Why these 5 Killer Questions get GREAT testimonials every time... and how to use them with your next customer
  •  Why you DON'T want to be the guy selling $10,000 each month and the EASY WAY to DOMINATE that guy in 6 months or less
AND You'll Also Discover
  • The Step-by-Step Formula if you want to SELL IN ADVANCE
  •  What to do when putting on your first webinar so you sound like a Pro and AVOID the usual mistakes
  •  The RIGHT WAY to create and customize your Webinar Registration Page
  •  The No-Lose Way to set up your webinar confirmation so people are DYING to attend your webinar
  •  The Dirty Little Secret about which elements are OPTIONAL in your first Webinar Funnel
  •  How to setup an Indoctrination Page that will have people EAGERLY awaiting your webinar
  •  How to create a simple worksheet that will use POWERFUL Psychology to get more people to attend your webinar
  •  The "hack" that will automatically remind all of your Webinar Registrants to actually join your webinar
  •  The #1 Way to include scarcity on your Webinar Replay Page to ENTICE people to watch your replay
  •  A Super Simple method for structuring your webinar so your audience IMMEDIATELY bonds with you and stays for the whole presentation
  •  The BIGGEST MISTAKE people make during their first Webinar and how to ensure it DOESN'T happen to you
  •  The surest way to create a HIGH ENERGY Webinar... Because low energy will have people dropping off like flies
  •  The SURPRISING reason you must use this one part of your body if you want a GREAT Presentation... HINT: Not your voice or your diaphragm.
  •  The 5 IMPORTANT pieces of your presentation that will bring you the most money. (People BOTCH this and DON'T follow up... leaving money just sitting on the table)
  •  How to test your product IN ADVANCE... before slaving away for weeks or months building it
  •  The FOOLPROOF way to do a FREE Presentation that gets you PAID 3 days later using the Law of Reciprocity
  •  "AutoMagic": Setup an automated webinar that looks completely LIVE... It runs without you and makes your audience feel like they arrived just in time to attend the Webinar
  •  An INGENIOUS way to tailor your marketing messages depending on people's behaviors
  •  Do this ONE thing to WOW your Customer and Over Deliver with a Surprise Package using your Webinar content and some outsourcing
  •  The RIGHT WAY to become an expert in your arena using your Webinar content
So as you can see:

I've created an Easy-to-Follow 60-Day Sales Funnel Bootcamp Training so you can build your own automated Sales Funnel regardless of experience or ability.

This is the closest thing you could get to hiring me as your Business Coach and working with me one-on-one... EXCEPT you DON'T have to pay the $1,500+ required to get me.

Just follow along and build the same High Converting Sales Funnels that I use in my business!

I've laid out the COMPLETE System for building Sales Funnels that convert Visitors into Leads... And Leads into Customers! 

And the BEST PART IS, it takes LITTLE EFFORT on your part, since EVERYTHING is already laid out for you!
Here's What It's All About...
There are 7 Main "Components" in the 60-Day Sales Funnel Bootcamp

Let me walk you through each of them:

COMPONENT #1: Indoctrination
Lesson #1 - Your Website vs Your Sales Funnel
Lesson #2 - Using WordPress
Lesson #3 - Setting Up Your WordPress Theme
Lesson #4 - Pretty Links
Lesson #5 - Your Blog Layout

COMPONENT #2: Your Funnel Tools
Lesson #6 - Your Funnel Builder
Lesson #7 - Funnel Automation
Lesson #8 - Content Creation
Lesson #9 - Video Creation
Lesson #10 - Outsourcing Your Needs 

COMPONENT #3: Lead Magnet School
Lesson #11 - Lead Magnet Intro
Lesson #12 - PDF Lead Magnets
Lesson #13 -  Video Lead Magnets
Lesson #14 - Resource Guides 
Lesson #15 - MindMap Lead Magnets 
Lesson #16 - Lead Magnet Creation
Lesson #17 - Getting Paid From Your Lead Magnet
Lesson #18 - Start With Video
Lesson #19 - Creating Information Products
Lesson #20 - Creating Information Products - Pt.2 

COMPONENT #4: The Email Marketing Lab
Lesson #21 - Email Marketing Tools
Lesson #22 - Email Autoresponder Forms
Lesson #23 - Sending Broadcast Emails
Lesson #24 - Sending Campaign Emails
Lesson #25 - Single Opt-In vs Double Opt-In
Lesson #26 - Using Pics and Links In Your Email
Lesson #27 - Easy Writing Formulas
Lesson #28 - Creating an Email List
Lesson #29 - Tagging Subscribers
Lesson #30 - Onboarding Email Sequences

COMPONENT #5: "The BUYER I.D. Funnel"
Lesson #31 - Funnel Layout
Lesson #32 - Landing Page Design
Lesson #33 - Headline Formulas
Lesson #34 - Lead Magnet Delivery
Lesson #35 - Integration and Testing
Lesson #36 - Ideal Thank You Page Design
Lesson #37 - Affiliate Offer
Lesson #38 - Your Products
Lesson #39 - Promoting Your Big Ticket Presentation
Lesson #40 - Surveying Your Audience

COMPONENT #6: "High Profit Funnel"
Lesson #41 - Funnel Layout
Lesson #42 - Funnel Pages
Lesson #43 - The Offer Wall
Lesson #44 - Order Bump
Lesson #45 - Irresistible Offers
Lesson #46 - Handling Refunds
Lesson #47 - Delivering Digital Products
Lesson #48 - Upsells And Downsells
Lesson #49 - Getting Testimonials
Lesson #50 - One Time vs Continuity

COMPONENT #7: "Sell in Advance Funnel"
Lesson #51 - Funnel Layout
Lesson #52 - Landing Page
Lesson #53 - Confirmation Page
Lesson #54 - Signup and Replay Page
Lesson #55 - Putting On Your Big Ticket Presentation
Lesson #56 - Analytics And Tips
Lesson #57 - After Your Presentation
Lesson #58 - Selling In Advance
Lesson #59 - Automating Your Presentations
Lesson #60 - Transforming Your Presentation Into Even More Content

But I wanted to make this a NO-BRAINER for you...
A Special Introductory BONUS:

Actually, 3 GREAT BONUSES!!
($1,241 Value for FREE!)
That's right, to sweeten the pot and to make this GENEROUS OFFER even MORE  impossible to refuse, I’m throwing in THREE MORE of my most POWERFUL Business Building Weapons for your arsenal — ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

1. You get "Video HACKS" $97 Value, FREE! 

This is the 4-Step Fast Video Formula for producing a high quality video from scratch.

Turn your outline into a Plan of Action that cranks out videos like a MACHINE!

You'll also discover...
  • How to RAMP UP your closing CONVERSIONS using videos. (Do THIS to dramatically REMOVE THE STRESS of purchasing)
  •  How to make sure your video looks PERFECT on Mobile, (ESPECIALLY since so many people use this as their primary method of web browsing)
  •  How to customize your video slideshow with proper dimensions... (Most people botch this, but you can sit back and relax knowing that ALL your viewers will see a PRISTINE video from you)
  •  The Emotionally Captivating way to tell stories. HINT: When you bond with your audience, you transform from "just another person trying to sell something"... into a RELIABLE source of information, they can BELIEVE in.
  •  The Secret Weapon to make sure your videos DON'T sound "flat" or "boring"... (People will CLICK OFF your video in the first 10 seconds if you make this DAMAGING Mistake)
  •  The 2 most common errors you will make when recording a video… If you ELIMINATE those, your video will look FLAWLESS
  •  How videos can GROW your Email List like a weed… just from people watching on YouTube
  •  And MORE!
2. You get "POWER PRODUCT BUILDER"$147 value, FREE! 

In this gem, you'll get the EXACT Toolkit I use to make Information Products in under 24 hours!

This course will show you Step-by-Step, how to create a range of Profitable Information Products at a Rapid Fire Pace (then just rinse and repeat)!

Here's What Else You'll Get With Power Product Builder:
  • The #1 EASIEST way to identify a BIG PROBLEM or NEED in your Niche, and the ingredients needed to solve it for people
  •  Why people pay BIG MONEY for SIMPLE, but POWERFUL Video Products and how you can use those SECRETS inside for yourself 
  •  Do this ONE THING, revealed inside, to make sure your Information Product covers a COMPLETE Process for your market 
  •  The single MOST IMPORTANT thing you MUST KNOW about quickly brainstorming a product and give it shape and design with FREE software, all of this in MINUTES instead of HOURS! 
  •  The 2 Elements to creating an audio product. DON'T EVEN TRY to create a product before you get your hands on these
  •  The TRUTH about creating products that solve a problem for your audience. (Do THIS to show people the BENEFITS of your Information Product and get them EXCITED to learn what you are offering)
  •  How to create your training Quickly and Easily by WORKING BACKWARDS - Trust me, this works!
  •  A Simple Fact about giving your audience a FAST START Training that they can take with them AFTER the training is done
  •  How using your "inner child" will help make the MOST Effective Product you possibly can
  •  How to re-purpose your content 3x over and use it to SAVE precious time and money.
  •  A Secret Method to create an INSTANT UPSELL with your product and have a Complete Funnel in place 
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  •   Strategically and visually DESIGNED TO CONVERT   
  •  Located on a hosted webpage that adds visitors to a GROWING email list
  •  Login daily to see your growing list of visitors and conversions. Always know how your website is performing
  •  "Jump Start" things by getting the keys to a machine that's ready to run and GIVE YOU RESULTS
“So How Much Is This Going to Cost Me?”
REMEMBER –-> When you join the Bootcamp TODAY…

>> You get The 60-Day Sales Funnel Bootcamp ($1,997 Value)

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According to "College Pricing 2017-2018", the average annual cost for a four-year, public institution, Marketing Degree runs around $9,970 (for in-state tuition) and $25,620 (for out-of-state tuition).

And I’d bet dollars to donuts you wouldn't learn how to make an EXTRA $1,900 in your first month of consulting!

Instead of four long years...

You are just 60 Days Away from discovering the secrets I used to generate an EXTRA $1,900 using a Sales Funnel

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No Questions Asked
You must be ABSOLUTELY convinced my “60- Day Sales Funnel Bootcamp” and all your FREE BONUSES are transforming your Online Business from the very first day – more likely, from the very first hour –or just let me know and we’ll gladly refund your ENTIRE purchase. 

Don’t decide now… all you need is a “Maybe!”

Confirm your membership and review the course

Watch the videos, listen to the audios, and download the BONUSES

Go over the shortcuts and secret techniques spelled out, step-by-step, in the Members Area

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Are These People Any Different Than You?
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You get the ENTIRE TRAINING, broken down, step-by-step, from start to finish... 

Building a FULLY FUNCTIONING Sales Funnel in less than 10 minutes per day!

And that's because of this SHOCKING study done by MICROSOFT...

The study shows that human attention span has dropped below that of a goldfish... and with all the distractions in today's world, that shouldn't surprise you one little bit.

Too many products on the market will have you believing you have to commit your entire existence to their inventions and programs…

You waste hour upon hour... 

Watching Episode 31...

From 2 years ago, while you HOPE for some golden nugget inside.

According to Wikipedia, the optimal learning period for most people is 10 to 20 minutes, so I’ve made sure that...

Each training video is LESS THAN 10 minutes!

You get Bare-Bones Sales Funnel building information with NO filler or fluff.

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Keep wondering whether or not you will be able to "climb out of the bucket".

2. Try to Figure All This Out Your Own

You can suffer through the feeling of UTTER FRUSTRATION that comes from chasing "shiny object solutions" time after time… while you grumble about the slow progress you’re making.

And you think to yourself… 

“I wish I had known” 

3. TAKE CONTROL of Your Life and Your Online Business

Get the guidance and advice I’m offering from my own trial and error… 

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That's how so many entrepreneurs and business owners fail (they get pulled back into that group of living paycheck to paycheck).

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Here's the Step-by-Step, 1-2-3 Process to get started now:

1. Click the button below to access your Membership Application
2. Fill out the form and confirm your Bootcamp Membership 
3. You'll be taken to the Members Registration Area where all new recruits create their Username and Password to GET STARTED!
My satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If I'm not satisfied within the first
30 days of my new membership, I can ask for a complete refund on
my subscription fees paid. (Applicable to first-time subscriptions only. If you subscribed before, this would not apply).
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ONE TIME OFFER ($37): You're not just buying Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. In condimentum aliquam arcu, ut pharetra nunc feugiat in. Nam tempor dui non mi mollis vulputate. Donec fermentum arcu ac mauris placerat, quis mattis mi porttitor. Nulla condimentum felis lacus, eu viverra dui congue a.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Can I rush through the Bootcamp at my own pace?
Afraid not.  
This is a "drip fed" course because the amount of material you get is "elephant-sized".  You can't eat an elephant in one sitting, you have to do it bite-by-bite (or in this case, day-by-day).
Some of the early lessons seem easy to accomplish in a single day.  Why is it setup to only "Drip" once a day?
A couple of reasons.  
The first is to get you in the habit of taking action towards your goals, every single day.  The quick wins in the beginning, generate a kind of "success momentum" for you.
The second reason is because people tend to get overwhelmed with large membership sites, they usually skip ahead and miss crucial parts, or just plain lose interest. 
The Bootcamp keeps it to ONE lesson per day so you keep progressing forward.
Money Back Guarantee
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Secret #2: How To Achieve More Online
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Secret #3: How To Sell Products Online
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