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VIDEO: Everything Funnel Scripts
Your Complete walkthrough of funnel Scripts....Join the club of entrepreneurs who have written their own sales copy that’s made people click, whip out their wallet and buy from you.  Sales Copy that YOU have assembled
How to take advantage of funnel scripts FAST and where to find everything is that you need to Crank out sales copy that generates clicks, sales and profits using simple formulas that work no matter your market or business
You’ll actually have fun mixing and matching different Headlines, Sales Messages and Email broadcasts from the comfort of your chair
($297 Value)
Instant Offer Outline
How to Dig Into The 10 Triggers That Induce Sales....
Just ONE of these "take action triggers" could cause your prospect to whip out the wallet and start typing in the credit card number because you have hit the right nerve...
Your Video Demo and downloadable templates will have you hammering the "take Action Triggers" and injecting them directly into you Sales Copy.  These Triggers are part of the genetic code in all humans... and will never go away... you must promise to use these skills ethically
($147 Value)
Head Turning Headlines
How To Turn Your Headlines From Good Headlines... In To Mind Melting Headlines That Force Prospects to Ignore Their Children So They Can Keep reading Your Message....
There are 4 u's to a good headline... You'll see how to apply the 4 U's to every single headline you create
This video And downloadable swipe file will show you the process I personally use every time to transform you headlines according to the 4 u's Method... You get the actual headlines created using the 4 U's Method in the video...
($247 Value)
Funnel Scripts Side Hustle
Eliminate The COST of Funnel Scripts... by using funnel scripts to bring in paying clients... 
You get all the done for you marketing material you need to bring in a client or two to cover your investment in funnels scripts ...
This Swipe file and video will walk you through advertising to the right people to pay you to use funnel scripts.
you even get my Side Hustle presentation guide... this is your client "slam-Dunk" Checklist that i have used to bring in THOUSANDS of dollars from clients when presenting Done for You Offers.
($997 Value)
The Emotional Sales Copy Template 
Pre-Formatted and loaded with examples to get you going....
download your copy and watch the short demo video so you can start filling your template with your ideal customers own words which is the most powerful sales message of all ...
This template and video will have you done Your Sales Copy 3X FASTER And without the usual mistakes. It's like having me in the room giving you immediate support from sales copy expert....
($97 Value)
The 1 – Page Power Sheet 
Quick Reference Sheet of Copywriting formulas
this power sheet is your Go-To Swipe File With "The Ultimate Bullet Formula", Headline Formulas, "The 10 Reasons People Don't Buy", "The Ultimate Email Broadcast Formula", and "The 13 Step Sales Letter Formula"...
5 formulas for you to create Your Profit Generating sales copy without waiting on a pricey copywriter....
($97 Value)
The "O.P.C." Harvesting Video
Other Peoples Copy....
you get a complete behind-the-Scenes look inside The Technique to HARVEST My Customers Words... You will be SHOCKED when you see Just How much
PRE-WRITTEN Sales Copy Is just waiting for you. 
You'll see how to get Boatloads of Your Ideal Customers Buying Emotions from little goldmines of information... PLUS Your FREE Copy-and-Paste tool to collect and organize Those Words right into Your sales messages...
you'll see how to swipe your prospects fears, desires, roadblocks and questions so you can fill your emotional copy template With Your Prospects
($497 Value)
Total Value: $2,379
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