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The One Comma Club Blueprint is an
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My name is Shawn Bayley, I'm a copywriter and sales funnel expert…

After taking the One Funnel Challenge...
I applied those online strategies and tactics...
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And I'm going to show you how the absolute beginner can follow this blueprint to create a system that makes money while you are sleeping.

It doesn’t require any special skills, and it
doesn’t require you to write sales messages...
You Might Be Wondering...
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Yes This Award Is Real  --->
You Get One After You Have $1000 In Sales
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You don't have to take my word for it...

Here’s What People Are
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I Created The One Comma Club Blueprint To Give Entrepreneurs a No-Brainer Offer
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Perfect for those Who want to learn from an Expert because they know They Will
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First, Assemble Your
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"Ultra-Simple" Drag and Drip Funnel Editor

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You'll See How To Optimize Your Funnel Which Will EXPLODE Your Average Customer Value (makes you more money per sale)

Use Step 3 of The One Comma Club Blueprint If You Like Free Money (Hint: you will love this...)

Then, Add Traffic and
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Finally You Collect Your Own
One Comma Club Award From
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Sell $1,000 With Your Sales Funnel

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Sound Fair To You?

P.S.  Like to skip to the end?

Me too.

You can usually find a nice little summary about what's in it for you.

In this case, you'll learn from me how to join The One Comma Club. (It means you have sold $1,000 worth of stuff using a Sales Funnel.)

You get a 12-Step Blueprint to follow so you can get up and running 3x FASTER than struggling alone.

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