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Learn How You Can Copy
The $500 Funnel (and Offer)...
EVEN IF you haven't launched your funnel
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Learn How To Make Money With ClickFunnels
Learn How To Create an Offer When You Don't Have Any Products
Learn How To Structure Your Offer
Setup simple email automation in your tripwire funnel
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"Shawn, Who The Heck Are You?"
I'm Shawn Bayley...

I build sales funnels and write that sweet sales copy...

I sure didn't start that way...

It took me months to get my funnel up and running properly....

And even longer to make actual money with a sales funnel... but it finally did!

And I want To Show You How To Do The same
"So, why give this for free?
What's the 'catch'?"
There's a LOT of Pieces in a sales funnel that converts and generates sales for you.

not everyone can afford to pay me to help them launch a funnel.

i thought it would be cool and good karma to teach people how easy it is to Make Money With A proven System...

i hope you enjoy this, Make Your First $500 and more with clickFunnels and then work with me in the future
What You're Gonna Get...
The "First $500" With ClickFunnels FREE Video Training
I'm going to map out the funnel - including the offer, prices, conversion rates, everything... then I build the funnel LIVE - IN FRONT OF YOU
($497 Value)
Funnel Automation
I'll show you the simple automation I use on this $500 Funnel.  You'll see how easy it is to handle leads and convert them to buyers after they have joined your tribe.  I'll even give you some plug and play emails you can use in your email sequence.
($297 Value)
BONUS Advanced Training
You'll see exactly how you can take this $500 funnel and connect it to more funnels and more offers for your new buyers.  I'll even let you take the $500 funnel and import the framework so you can use it yourself.
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Just To Recap...
P.S.  Just in case you're like me and you like to skip to the end...

Here's the deal:

I've put together a look at a simple funnel that made $500 with ZERO ad spend.

This is to help you get over the first hurdle.

Making that first money with your funnel.

This is designed to answer:

* How Do I Create an Offer When I Don't Have Anything To Sell?

* How Do I Structure My Offer?

Unlike other walkthrough videos my case study is a deep dive into how the offer, the funnel and the customer journey all come together.

And when they do, it makes amazing, predictible and profitable results.

No catch... no gimmicks... no shenanigans...

No signing up for a "trial product" or a "small fee"... NADA!

This is TOTALLY me giving back to world because I know what it's like to be just a few steps away from turning the keys on your automated sales machine.

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