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New Book Reveals What The 1% of
Successful Online Marketers Know That You Don’t...
From: Shawn Bayley
Location: Alberta, Canada

Let's be real here...

Do you really want to create money-making assets and have them run on autopilot?

So... WHY hasn't it happened for you yet?

Come on... admit it.

This probably isn't the first time you've tried to find a solution for how to build a 
profitable Sales Funnel, right?

That's good because when you read this message to the end you're going to discover EXACTLY how Sales Funnels convert Visitors into Leads... 

And more importantly... 

Convert Leads into happy, paying Customers.

My name is Shawn Bayley, and not too long ago I was just like you...

Let me tell you a quick story.

You see when I first started out, I struggled so much... 
I almost gave up on my business dreams
I was struggling to comprehend how Internet Marketing actually worked

To make matters worse... I had NEVER sold anything to anyone in my life.

I'd never even asked "Do you want fries with that?" when I was a teenager.

My ultimate goal was:

     * To support my family and not worry if an unexpected bill popped up
     * To achieve financial independence instead of quiet desperation!
     * To stop living paycheck to paycheck no matter how much or how little I worked...
     * To never worry about my ability to make money again...

But my lack of Sales experience was showing and, as a result, my business was failing miserably.

And I was getting more and more frustrated by the day.

You see, at the time I was newly married and trying to make this online business idea actually work the way I wanted it to.

Despite the fact I didn't really know anything about selling or marketing... 

There was ONE thing I was dead-certain about...

Life was meant to be more than just:
Working 40 Years At A "9-To-5" For Your Gold Watch
You see, I was terrified I would work at my J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) forever...

And always regret what could have been IF ONLY I had taken that chance.

I was feeling terrible because I was buying every stupid "shiny-object" tugging at my attention... and as it turns out, these so-called "magic buttons" were NEVER the answer to my biggest problem. 

My despair felt like a crushing weight....

I kept spending our money on tempting offers because I thought they would be the ULTIMATE remedy.

I felt clueless and discouraged...

It was IMPOSSIBLE to fight the feeling that I was a failure as a husband...

Being foolish with our money...

And as a result, I was taking away valuable resources, (time and money), from our family.

My poor wife had to suffer through all of this... just so I could chase some dream of mine.

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and the desperation was gnawing at the pit of my stomach every single day.

BUT I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of having a successful online business.

I wanted to actually "see" money coming into my account so I could show off my success to everyone who doubted I could make it work, (including myself).

But there was gigantic hurdle in the way, because...
I didn't know how to Consistently
Generate Customers or Bring in New clients
I knew the survival of my business meant I HAD to make a change...

First, I tried investing in a few different marketing programs, but I didn't really understand them.

That business plan BOMBED and the money was wasted! (What a surprise, right?)

I even tried writing books on Amazon, but it just plain sucked.

I wasn't a WRITER and I couldn't force myself to be one.

Next, I tried running an ad on Facebook to a simple Landing Page with an opt-in form...

Lo and behold... it actually WORKED!

I captured email addresses and started to grow a list of email subscribers!

That's right about the time I finally discovered Affiliate Marketing.

And guess what?

This time it worked even BETTER!

It FINALLY became crystal clear to me... it wasn't my fault!

I was failing because I was buying into solutions that don't really exist
No wonder I was struggling...
For years they wanted me to BELIEVE you can just kick back and do nothing.

You could just "click a few buttons" and "money would come pouring in".

But when I finally woke up and realized it wasn't true...

I was able to BREAK THE CHAINS holding me down.

That "Do-Nothing" train of thought was keeping me from reaching my goal and getting the rewards I deserved!

I realized the almighty ANSWER was, in fact, to stick to ESTABLISHED rock-solid principles.

One of those principles was The Sales Funnel (an automated marketing system designed to convert VISITORS into LEADS and LEADS into CUSTOMERS).

That's when I started to understand...
Selling is wAY Easier With A Sales Funnel!
Getting Clients is Easier With a Sales Funnel!
After finally "cracking the Money code"...
You will able to:

-  Structure automated systems to CONVERT interested people into CUSTOMERS... just by helping them achieve their goal.

-  Force clients to qualify themselves BEFORE they can happily pay you THOUSANDS to work with them.  

-  Set it up to run "hands-off" after the framework is firmly in place.

And that's why I created:

                        "Sales Funnel Domination"

After 7 Years of Blood, Sweat and Tears...
Tens-of-thousands of Dollars in Training, Courses and Books...
It was totally worth it... as you will soon see!

Now, while it would be impossible to show you ALL of the benefits of Sales Funnel Domination...

I want to show you some of the things you'll experience as soon as you're on the inside.

You will discover:
  •   The 3-page Sales Funnel that builds an email list and sells products to cold traffic in a "non-salesy" way. (You'll be shocked at the "hidden" strategies ALL successful marketers do in order to get paid and where you put these in your own Sales Funnel). Page 7.
  •   How a crappy-looking little Sales Funnel consistently made $3 for every $1 put into it... Page 23.
  •  The "nuts-and-bolts" of my Consulting Funnel which forces potential clients to jump through hoops in order to happily pay me $1000 or more to work with them      . (HINT: It uses a TOTAL of 2 webpages and one SINGLE email... easy or what?) Page 10.
  •  EXACTLY how my Sales Funnel works with an "Activity Timeline"... it visually outlines the AUTOMATION involved in my Sales Funnel. (You'll see a real-world visitor from YouTube who got my Kick Ass emails, engaged with those emails, and became a customer... the best part is I do NOTHING)! Page 13.
  •  The shockingly simple 4-Step Formula to research THOUSANDS of already-successful Sales Funnels. (I call this        "Funnel Recon" ... it doesn't get any easier than this). Page 16.
  •  How to get FREE Demographic and PPC (Pay Per Click) information for your target audience. All the research is already done for you if you look in the                 GOLDMINESof Affiliate Networks. Page 18.
  •  How easy it is to build a Sales Funnel in 5 minutes! (Your mind will be BLOWN when you see how         ANYONE can quickly build a Sales Funnel with one simple tool). Page 21.
  •  A look        "behind the curtain" with a TOTAL walk-through of a basic Sales Funnel. If you want to build an email list and turn interested Visitors into Leads...this is the funnel for you! Page 24.
  •  How drop-dead simple it is to customize your Sales Funnels with a few clicks. (Trust me, you will         laugh out loud because you're never going to have to hire someone to do this for you) . Page 27.
  •  The FREE Sales Funnel Tools you can use to start building IMMEDIATELY! Page 32.
  •  The        "sneaky secret" to building your business at ZERO cost. (You will see how to get CUSTOMERS from your Sales Funnels right away so you aren't spending all your money and just HOPING you will succeed). Page 29.
  •  The         ONLY Sales Funnel Tools I use to run my business... I actually used one of them for 6 months without paying and BOTH of them will let you start for FREE...Today! Page 31.
  •  The 3-step method to provide an IMMEDIATE offer in your Sales Funnel even if you don't have a product to sell.        HINT: I'll show you how to find the most in-demand products you can leverage immediately to start MAKING MONEY! Page 33.
  •  The         Secret Map to the        "buried        locations" where you can find ALL the marketing messages you need. (Never start with a blank page again when you can get INSTANT powerful sales material to work with). Page 17.
  •  The P.A.S. Formula you can swipe to promote products with ease even if you suck at writing. (WARNING: This uses         advanced psychological tactics to compel people to act... even though I make this technique SUPER SIMPLE... you must promise to only use it for GOOD!) Page 36.
But don't just take my word for it. Take a look at this:
So, let me ask you a question...

Would you like to get access to "Sales Funnel Domination" for...
less than the cost of a large coffee from Starbucks?
The total value of all this is $347. 


Because JUST ONE Sales Funnel can completely CHANGE your life.

If all this did was rid you from the frustration of chasing shiny objects and wasting time with incomplete solutions... would it be worth it?

If all this did was give you an plan of action to follow because of proven success... would it be worth it?

If all this did was get you money coming into your Paypal or Stripe account each day... so unexpected bills and expenses in your life can be handled with ease... would it be worth it?

Want some even better news?
I'm not going to charge you $347 ...

I'm only going to charge you $5.97!

I'm going to take on all the risk 
and give you my "10X Guarantee"!
If "Sales Funnel Domination" doesn't show you EXACTLY how to create your own Sales Funnel... 

If it doesn't take you by the hand, and answer all your questions about what it takes to build your own money-making, high-tech website... 

Or if it fails to show you EXACTLY how to create a marketing system that runs on autopilot...

Basically if you don't feel that you received 10 TIMES the value you paid...

Then you will receive a FULL REFUND.

No Questions Asked!

Keep the book and we can remain friends.
But you must act now because...
          • You get to PEEK INSIDE profitable Sales Funnels working for me everyday.
          • It's all laid out in an easy to read eBook which outlines EVERYTHING.
          • You will "get" how quick and easy it is to get started with your own Sales Funnel.

Just imagine what life will be like when you know 
how to build a money making sales funnel!
So enter your information to get access RIGHT NOW! 

After you put in your credit card information, you'll be taken to a SECURE "Members Area" where you can access "Sales Funnel Domination", even if it's 2:00 a.m.!
this is what's going to happen next:
You will be taken to the secure Members Area where you can download the book IMMEDIATELY.

Let's be blunt: 

If you pass on this offer, will you succeed with your online business? 

Probably not!

You'll just keep drowning in a sea of information overload... spending the next 3 months reading random blog posts  and watching YouTube videos

And then trying to "Frankenstein" a bunch of incomplete methods together into something you HOPE will work for you.

But you will NEVER "decode" how a successful Sales Funnel works and why the Top Marketers use them to their advantage.


You can spend LESS than 6 BUCKS to have it professionally explained to you. Plus, you also get:
instruction and encouragement from someone who has successfully "been there and done that!"
Get this Book NOW and get the online business success you want!

So as a reminder, here's what you're going to get with "Sales Funnel Domination":

     • 42 page eBook in PDF format jammed packed with valuable, money-making strategies and real-life examples based on actual working Sales Funnels.

Never before have you had such a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to have me take you by the hand and help build YOUR Money-Making Sales Funnel!

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