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Written for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners by an Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the game.
Finally! Forget the Stress and Time-Draining Hassle of Trying To Write Engaging Emails That Get Opened and Clicked…
Are you passionate about your business but you're struggling to find the time to write emails that are relevant and personal?  Are you worried about looking like an amateur because your emails go straight to the Junk Folder and make ZERO sales??
Do you feel overwhelmed and tired of trying to “pull all the levers” needed to run your business? Do you ever hear that voice inside your head telling you to “find an easier way to do this..."?
Are you dreaming of turning email subscribers into brand new customers... but you're unsure where to begin?

Shawn Bayley
AWAI Certified Copywriter
Conversion Marketer

If any of this feels familiar, believe me when I say that I hear you and I understand. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Shawn Bayley, Copywriter, Marketer, longtime Funnel Enthusiast and the creator of the
DONE FOR YOU Email Templates.

I was once in the exact same place, trying to find the time to create compelling emails
formulated to generate sales for me.
I wanted a business that was easy, lucrative, and fun. 
A journey where I took my skills  and interests and got rewarded by helping people. 
But instead... I was doing so many things that every minute was spent working on the business.
I was constantly struggling to find the time to
write, create, and develop engaging
email marketing to my prospects.
Because of that I've taken the persuasion elements I've learned from becoming a Certified Copywriter and created an entire set of Done-For-You Email Templates.
I wanted people to think: “Shawn is amazing and I'm going to use these time-saving templates over and over because they are so powerful and effective."
 I wanted to be considered as THE Expert in
Sales Funnel Copywriting.
If you are using, or are about to use, Email Marketing...
And you feel like you need more of
your time for yourself...
It's natural, and it’s to be expected.
Effective Email Marketing is a Repeatable Formula
You need to dig deep, send frequent emails, and speak to Desires, Expectations, as well as Fears and Results. The key is to provide consistent value and establishing yourself as "The Expert" and a trusted source who provides education and not hype.  When you show your clients and prospects that you are there to help them on their path to success you will see your business expand.
Always remember to provide consistent value and
you’ll get the life and business you've always wanted.

Here's a quick example of what you'll receive:
This is Where My Done-for-You
Email Templates
Comes into Play…
You can swipe 100 awesome Done-For-You Email Templates, plus a video walk through on how to get up and running with the templates 3x FASTER! 
You even get the Ultimate Answer Sheet, all pre-created so you can simply
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This expertly designed package was created by a Certified Professional Copywriter!
Guaranteed Results - These messages are guaranteed to boost your profits with a simple, proven way to get results without all the work!
You'll have instant email marketing templates for:

- People Who Signed Up For Your Free Report
- People That Bought Your Ebook
- People That Downloaded Your Software
- People That Joined Your Membership Site
- People That Signed Up For Your Newsletter
- People Who Have Bought Your Product
- People Who Signed Up For Your Course!

And what’s even better? It didn’t take days or weeks of your time to
create and customize this content!

In case you’re wondering…
How am I Qualified to Advise You?
I love helping business owners, entrepreneurs and action takers succeed with Sales Funnels powered by effective Sales Copy.

In fact, it’s my passion.

I followed my love of copywriting to AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc.)  and got certified as a full blown Copywriter. 

You can take a look HERE if you'd like to see for yourself.
In addition I've been featured on the Official ClickFunnels Blog
inside the Ultimate Sales Funnel Guide.
Sounds Great, Shawn… But How Much will a Plan like this Cost?

For a limited time, I am offering this content at over 80% off. This package would normally retail at $499 ($5 per Template). 
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You’ll have a deep and powerful email marketing campaign ready to deploy over the next month, 6 months or even longer for just pennies a day. 

So what does it hurt to try it out? The potential gain here is immense in comparison to the price!
Allow me to remove this headache from your life, so you can focus on your business.
At a price this low, what’s the harm? I have personally reviewed this material, and as a copywriter and successful online marketer for over 10 years I can verify that this is quality content. Ready to try it out? Even an increase of one sale would likely pay for this tiny investment many times over. Download today for unbeatable value!
About Shawn Bayley!

Amanda Hawkins says:

 "His attention to detail, quick and reliable turnaround, creativity and great visual eye have surpassed our expectations both times! It has be a pleasure to work with Shawn and we look forward to working with him again!
Thanks again for everything.  The process was easy, creative, professional and timely.
(Axia Consulting - Columbus, OH)

Ryan White says:

 "Shawn Bayley has a wealth of knowledge on lead generation that can help you attract, nurture, and convert more qualified prospects into clients.(Local Small Business Marketing Show - New York, NY)

Ernie Dill says:

 "Most of us are not copywriters - Shawn is.  It's obvious.  And he's a Certified Marketer.  His expertise in both a general marketing purview and within a specific ClickFunnels sense were instrumental in a significant improvement to my funnel structure.  Take the time, invest the money...  Well worth it. Thanks again for everything.    (Samson Properties - Chantilly, VA)
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