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Why I Never Made Any REAL Money Online
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Sales Letters,
Building Websites or
Trying To Build Email Lists …
These funnels helped me rake in
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You're Gonna Get Three Funnel Blueprints...
Buyer I.D. Funnel
 Immediately identify the buyers who are ready to spend money with you
RIGHT NOW... while you grow your list of followers at the same time
Pure Profit Funnel
Sell multiple offers including your premium products or services to your customers so you make more money because you are increasing your average customer value
Sell-in-Advance Funnel
You'll be able to sell any kind of product or service with powerful events.  You'll also be able to sell your ideas before you invest time and money creating them... OR you can fill up a waiting list of clients who are begging for your service so you are booked today and tomorrow
Who Is This Guy?
" Hi, I'm Shawn Bayley... a funnel consultant and copywriter from the frozen tundra of Canada. 
I spend years wandering around blindly to "make it" online.  Right about the time I was getting ready to throw in the towel and give it all up... my wife was diagnosed with Cancer.

She never considered giving up and her strength and resolve were like logs on the fire that kept me going until I discovered the 3 "Konversion Funnels", as I call them.  Those Funnels allow me and my students to bring in customers on autopilot, cherry-pick slam dunk clients and launch new information products on-demand.

To learn exactly how I did this... and how YOU can do the same enter your best email address...

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I'll see you there. "
-Shawn Bayley, Alberta
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